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Neueste Bilder

Mila wurde FIN CH in September 2009 im Alter von 2 Jahre und 7 Monate !!

6.6.2010 Doggen spezial Zuschau Tampere, Marion Hipkin, UK. Reasonable head but not correct eye. Reasonable neck with good shoulder and level topline. Correct brisket with reasonable spring of ribs. Would like to see more extension when she moves forward and her rear action is close behind.

CH, Sehr gut

10.04.2010 Kankaanpää, Rony Doedijns, The Netherlands. Bitch of correct size & proportions. She's a shade long. She has good bone & substance. I would prefer a bit more stability in front, especially in wrists. Correct head profile. Eye shape could be better & she's showing haw. Correct rear angulation & croup. Welldeveloped body. Nice colour & condition. Movement needs to be stronger & develope more power & drive. Steady in temperament.


13.12.2009 Helsinki, Nordic Winner-09, Tuula Seppälä. Excellent type, strong, nearly square bitch. Good proportions of head. Good bite. Too red eyes disturb expression. Strong body, would wantb better angulation bothn front and rear. Unfortunately the dog does not move clean and therefore can not be judged today.

CH -

12.12.2009 Voittaja 2009. Adriana Griffa, Italia. Correct head proportions. Just little open eyes. Good neck & body & front and rear angulation. Good bones. Moves well.


12.9.2009 Helsinki, Unto Timonen. Well boned bitch with good proportions. Slightly open lids. Strong neck. WEll angulated front. Enough fullfill front. Excellent body shape. Hochangel could be stronger. Good side movement.

Open, EXC1, WD1, BOB, cert and FIN CH!!!!



 Mila BOB and Bonel Zardoz BOS


Tampere, 6.9.2009. Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari. Strong, good sized bitch. Correct proportions and limb height. Good skull. I would wish for a better expression. Long, excellent rib cage. Adequate front. Upright shoulder blades. Well built back. Firm topline. Good paws. Slightly steep hip. Good side movement. 

 Open Exc2, WD4



5.9.2009 Vantaa, Seamus Oates, Irland. Nice type. Good outline. Pleasing head. Good earset. Strong jaws. Good bite. Nice reach of neck. Deep chest. Good topline. Good hind angulations. Moving well ("The dog moves well, you just don't let it", sanoi tuomari XD).

Open, Exc1, WD1, cert, BOS


Mila BOS, Bonel Zimpson BOB

23.8.2009 Baltic Winner Tallinn, Barbara Müller, Switzerland. 2,5 years old, very well muscled, nice size, elegant long head, eyelids ok, full lips, good lenght of neck, nice shoulder placement, strong body, moves very well when settled, straight front and rear.

Open, Exc4

2.8.2009 Pori, Nemanja Jovanovic, Serbia. Good type, correct head, good neck, well deep chest - needs more forechest, enough good withers and topline, correct movement, position of croup could be better.

Open, Exc3

25.7.2009 Helsinki, Doris Cozart, USA. Good size, body shape correct, good front angulations, correct back of shoulders, head planes correct, would prefer less haw , good feet, good bone balanced to body.

Open, Exc2, WD4

12.7.2009 Karjaa, Hannele Jokisilta. Excellent type. Expression is disturbed by hanging lids. Well shaped head. Sufficient neck. Good withers and top line. Sufficiently angulated back and front. Good bone and paws. Good body. Slightly dark color. Excellent brisk character. Would prefer clearer forechest. Moves well.

Open, Exc1, WD3, cert

28.6.2009 Hämeenlinna, Irina Poletaeva. Correct breed type. Excellent size & proportions. Still needs better forechest. A bit heavy in skull- Correct head planes. Eyelids could be better. Excellent neck &withers. Correct topline&tail carriage. Still needs time for final development in ribcage. Very well angulated. Should have a bit better temperament .

Open VG1

24.5.2009 Helsinki (Aptus), Wenche Elkeseth, Norja. Very good type. Strong bone. Good head, but eye rims could be tighter. Straight upper arms, otherwise very good body. Good hind legs. Moves well.

Open, Exc2, WD3, res-cert

27.4.2009 Vaasa, Jeff Luscott, UK. Good shape&outline. Has the power&elegance. Good neck, topline&rear end. Good expression, skull&muzzle qualities. Nice rear quarters.

Open WG3

15.2.2009 Tampere, Matti Luoso.

Intermediate G

18.1.2009 Lahti, Marianne Holm. 1y10mon, very feminine, correctn proportions, excellent skull, good lip angle, excellent neck and withers. Shoulder should be better angulated. Slightly flat paws. Inadequate fore chest. Slightly steepnhip. Slightly short steps.

Intermediate VG1